I know, I could be forgiving

Mistakes leads to anger and anger leads to hate.,even if it’s not only to others but also to ourself. I believe anger should be ephemeral or totally not be. One must forgive oneself inorder to refrain from being hated or hating someone.

Forgiveness is not elusive, especially when someone apologies. Imagine what would happen if, Lord Ganesh didn’t forgive his father for beheading him,or,even Jesus didn’t forgive those who crucified him. You probably won’t be reading this now. You don’t want your heart to be sanked in deep thoughts of the person who has hurted you. You tend to avoid the love given to you by the people around you.

How would you become a forgiving person? Pretty simple, address your inner pain and develop a forgiving mind through emphathy.

Then you can finally call yourself “forgivingly fit”.


The constant quest of negativity.

Do you know that a man’s worst fears are found by him itself? It’s not that the fear is searching for him. One must replace their fears and worries with confidence and trust. Positivity is definitely the key. There is no use of being histrionic or nothing can be achieved by meaningless talks.

A person is already the winner,when he decides to fight his fear and worries. Imagine a person is scared of dark,he has no choice but to walk through the darkness,he is filled with all sorts of negative imagination,like what if he sees a ghost or what if he gets lost somewhere? He is the one thinking of fear and fear has found him. He could fight it with positivity and confidence. He doesn’t imagine that what if he sees God or what if he gets lost and someone finds him.

Remember,fear is not worth it as it literally corrodes your entire system. You are just gonna think bad. The more negative you think,the more you are bound to be lost. A worried person is so much burried with his/her problems that it becomes almost impossible to see anything beyond the worries.

One’s thinking are developed by themselves,whether they are good or bad, accordingly he is gonna work on his fear and worries. Who doesn’t want to dominate fear…but first think positive and grab the opportunity. One cannot dream oneself into a character,he/she must hammer and forge itself one.

–Diana Fernandes