“You are a widow, don’t come to this pooja!”, “Mussalman hai? Desh ke liye kurbani dega?”, “Shh! Boys don’t cry!”, “Gay-lesbian kuch nahi hota.”, All these words are boundaries of development. Development towards better and bright future. Since recent years, the idea of blurred lines is coming at a faster pace. Everything is blurred today. We are living in the era of diminishing down all sorts of stereotypes of not just culture but also philosophy.

Everyday, I see that gender stereotypes are shut down and men and women are able to do what they want in the world. Today, in bollywood as well, a woman is not showcased for her appearance,she is displayed for her bravery, wittiness, attentiveness, etc. Sometimes, I do admire the Amazonians, devoid of being reality or myth, the Amazonian women are big, strong, warrior like. Afterall wonder woman was an Amazonian. But sometimes, I do want to set the gender divides on fire, those ones that we impose on children right from the moment of birth.
Speaking about the LGBT community, we were into the idea that sons have to bring home daughters- in- laws. But now we are way past it, we believe that they can bring home son-in-law too. The habit of seeing people based on a tag put on them by society as opposed to seeing them as human beings. We have to realise that every person has same desire for survival, the same passions, the same fears and the same goals as us. We have to understand that it is an open ground, we can play any game and win all the matches. Even the Hindu gods, wear beautiful nose rings, necklaces, bangles, etc, then even our boys can wear them now.
Coming to the religious divides- we should all practice what we want and respect each other’s beliefs. It’s not about the religious background, it is about the dedication and worship towards A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s work. We all see who have done good to us, or who will be useful to us; maybe we should accept every human being irrespective of caste or religion to what they are as a person. Maybe then there will be growth of unity and harmony.
I am happy to be a part of new age, it is full of ideals, beautiful world where everybody is equal, with equal opportunities and shared responsibilities.

Author: dianaajf

A 20 year old with sleepy eyes but a busy life.Always living in my own la la land.

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