Freedom Writer

It’s funny that a person has to seek the society’s approval to do anything. We make it compulsory to fit in the society. We build it afterall. Imagine a person is in love, everything is at stake and especially if the partner is of other caste. This type of thinking only grows in India. If a girl enjoys wearing makeup,it means she is either doing it to attract boys or she might have insecurities. They comment,” arey iski saari kamayi toh parlour mei hi jaati hogi”

In our country, nothing is treated equally,even if you are a writer,who earns more than an engineer,you are considered to be less smart and not highly qualified. However we are expected to please everyone. It’s good that the society is concerned about us. They are furious to know how your dog is doing. One may be happy of their maids son scoring great marks in his exams,but the dismay is real when their own child lacks behind. Afterall,frankness is found everywhere,we just fail to be aware about it.

It won’t take much time for the societies opinion or thinking for your senses too,afterall you are trying to connect your wires with theirs… Maybe it has connected already?… The virus is trying to corrode your system as well. If you think it has then you should think of discarding the junk off your mind. And don’t fret to fight back if you know you aren’t doing anything wrong, because,you see,your neighbour won’t take your dog to the vet


Author: dianaajf

A 20 year old with sleepy eyes but a busy life.Always living in my own la la land.

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