The day before yesterday

A new day rises! The sun shines bright again,birds are chirping,people running for the daily races. A long shadow maybe clouding your future. It’s the shadow cast by the pain in your past. It could be a bad decision, someone who betrayed you- it’s basically the guilt you feel.

But you know,you have the power to get over the past. So you got to take steps ahead by lots of efforts to push some emotional rock up,up and throw it out of the way. Thinking about it is just an injury to your mind.

Ya…but don’t completely ampute it,alter it. Let that mistake you did yesterday,help you alter the best you would do today. Getting yourself in the guilt of previous mistake requires being truthful with yourself about how you feel wrong,even though you wish you weren’t feeling that; but remember the time before the bad came to you and think of someday you might feel better.


Author: dianaajf

A 20 year old with sleepy eyes but a busy life.Always living in my own la la land.

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