What it is like to be in the city where the queen of lakes – Naini Tal sits!?

One could gaze the panaromic view of the magneficient Himalayan Ranges. One of the most stunning areas of India,which acts as a picket to the country.

To capture the view of the ranges,the traveller must visit Naini Tal’s Snow Point View. It is advisable to rent a small local car near Bada/Bara Patthar (since the English couldn’t pronounce the word bada,the locals also did not give much importance to call by its original name as well). A horse ride is also an option if you would like a some adventurous twist to your trip. These transportation amenities are conducted by the Naini Tal tourism or also can be arranged by tourist packages. The whole trip by the car or the horse is approximately 10 -12 kms.

We rented a local car,since we were a family of four. One could witness beautiful view of the Naini Tal city during the ride. Once we reached our destination it was quite cold since it was on a height,but not that chilly so as to snow. Standing on a platform building, I could see the beautiful Himalayan Ranges with my naked eye. After satisfying my eyes , I reached to the locals having telescope and the magnified view was not less than how heaven would look like!

The man incharge of the telescope showed us different places from the telescope that was at a stretch from the Snow view point. We saw the Trishul Mountain, the second highest peak in the country- Nanda Devi, the Indian Trek,Pindari Glacier,Kandiyakata Mandir and the massive Panchacholi Mountain, which for record has not been tracked by any mountaineer till date. However no civilians are allowed to visit these points due to unavoidable reasons.

After spending some more time on Snow view point,we moved to our next destination: the Naini Talk view. The name itself says that the lake is in shape of an eye. But from the height it is actually in shape of a mango. We could view the full city of Naini Tal; the small coloured houses ,shops and hotels,people boating under the sun in the lake and the busy Mall Road. We then moved to the final destination by the car. It is titled as the Khurpa Talk due to its shape of a cow’s paw.

I can possibly say, a visit to Naini Talk is another Nature’s Paradise. A visit to this place is one of the best option to take a pause from assiduous city life.


Snow View Point:-

Naini Tal Lake:-

Himalayan Ranges:-

Khurpa Tal:-

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