The deeds, I wish, I did

A person has expectations from him for himself. He wishes he could go to gym to fulfill his wish to get rid of fat guts. We have many wishes that we hope that an external force, called as genie power fulfill them. C’mon, atleast sometimes those wishes can get fulfilled, not by a genie though, but through your hardwork and determination.

But what about those wishes which you think you should do as a good deed. “How I wish I spent some more time before she died?” “I wish I read her paper while while she laid on bed like a stone who couldn’t move but get all feelings crush the stoned environment around her.” You may think good deeds have nothing,they may have no perspective. Try one they give you satisfaction.

I was always told by someone that,when you do a deed, God writes it in your life book. The more good deeds you do, the more satisfied you are.

You might be leading a miserable life, but just one deed can make a difference to you and the person whom you help. Even a bad person has a sleeping angel within, that can be woken up by you. But you must light the candle in his heart that it can clear the darkness in someone else’s life too.

So good deeds are those wishes, one must try and fulfill, atleast your soul will live happily.


Author: dianaajf

A 20 year old with sleepy eyes but a busy life.Always living in my own la la land.

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