“You are a widow, don’t come to this pooja!”, “Mussalman hai? Desh ke liye kurbani dega?”, “Shh! Boys don’t cry!”, “Gay-lesbian kuch nahi hota.”, All these words are boundaries of development. Development towards better and bright future. Since recent years, the idea of blurred lines is coming at a faster pace. Everything is blurred today. We are living in the era of diminishing down all sorts of stereotypes of not just culture but also philosophy.

Everyday, I see that gender stereotypes are shut down and men and women are able to do what they want in the world. Today, in bollywood as well, a woman is not showcased for her appearance,she is displayed for her bravery, wittiness, attentiveness, etc. Sometimes, I do admire the Amazonians, devoid of being reality or myth, the Amazonian women are big, strong, warrior like. Afterall wonder woman was an Amazonian. But sometimes, I do want to set the gender divides on fire, those ones that we impose on children right from the moment of birth.
Speaking about the LGBT community, we were into the idea that sons have to bring home daughters- in- laws. But now we are way past it, we believe that they can bring home son-in-law too. The habit of seeing people based on a tag put on them by society as opposed to seeing them as human beings. We have to realise that every person has same desire for survival, the same passions, the same fears and the same goals as us. We have to understand that it is an open ground, we can play any game and win all the matches. Even the Hindu gods, wear beautiful nose rings, necklaces, bangles, etc, then even our boys can wear them now.
Coming to the religious divides- we should all practice what we want and respect each other’s beliefs. It’s not about the religious background, it is about the dedication and worship towards A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s work. We all see who have done good to us, or who will be useful to us; maybe we should accept every human being irrespective of caste or religion to what they are as a person. Maybe then there will be growth of unity and harmony.
I am happy to be a part of new age, it is full of ideals, beautiful world where everybody is equal, with equal opportunities and shared responsibilities.

Freedom Writer

It’s funny that a person has to seek the society’s approval to do anything. We make it compulsory to fit in the society. We build it afterall. Imagine a person is in love, everything is at stake and especially if the partner is of other caste. This type of thinking only grows in India. If a girl enjoys wearing makeup,it means she is either doing it to attract boys or she might have insecurities. They comment,” arey iski saari kamayi toh parlour mei hi jaati hogi”

In our country, nothing is treated equally,even if you are a writer,who earns more than an engineer,you are considered to be less smart and not highly qualified. However we are expected to please everyone. It’s good that the society is concerned about us. They are furious to know how your dog is doing. One may be happy of their maids son scoring great marks in his exams,but the dismay is real when their own child lacks behind. Afterall,frankness is found everywhere,we just fail to be aware about it.

It won’t take much time for the societies opinion or thinking for your senses too,afterall you are trying to connect your wires with theirs… Maybe it has connected already?… The virus is trying to corrode your system as well. If you think it has then you should think of discarding the junk off your mind. And don’t fret to fight back if you know you aren’t doing anything wrong, because,you see,your neighbour won’t take your dog to the vet


The day before yesterday

A new day rises! The sun shines bright again,birds are chirping,people running for the daily races. A long shadow maybe clouding your future. It’s the shadow cast by the pain in your past. It could be a bad decision, someone who betrayed you- it’s basically the guilt you feel.

But you know,you have the power to get over the past. So you got to take steps ahead by lots of efforts to push some emotional rock up,up and throw it out of the way. Thinking about it is just an injury to your mind.

Ya…but don’t completely ampute it,alter it. Let that mistake you did yesterday,help you alter the best you would do today. Getting yourself in the guilt of previous mistake requires being truthful with yourself about how you feel wrong,even though you wish you weren’t feeling that; but remember the time before the bad came to you and think of someday you might feel better.


What it is like to be in the city where the queen of lakes – Naini Tal sits!?

One could gaze the panaromic view of the magneficient Himalayan Ranges. One of the most stunning areas of India,which acts as a picket to the country.

To capture the view of the ranges,the traveller must visit Naini Tal’s Snow Point View. It is advisable to rent a small local car near Bada/Bara Patthar (since the English couldn’t pronounce the word bada,the locals also did not give much importance to call by its original name as well). A horse ride is also an option if you would like a some adventurous twist to your trip. These transportation amenities are conducted by the Naini Tal tourism or also can be arranged by tourist packages. The whole trip by the car or the horse is approximately 10 -12 kms.

We rented a local car,since we were a family of four. One could witness beautiful view of the Naini Tal city during the ride. Once we reached our destination it was quite cold since it was on a height,but not that chilly so as to snow. Standing on a platform building, I could see the beautiful Himalayan Ranges with my naked eye. After satisfying my eyes , I reached to the locals having telescope and the magnified view was not less than how heaven would look like!

The man incharge of the telescope showed us different places from the telescope that was at a stretch from the Snow view point. We saw the Trishul Mountain, the second highest peak in the country- Nanda Devi, the Indian Trek,Pindari Glacier,Kandiyakata Mandir and the massive Panchacholi Mountain, which for record has not been tracked by any mountaineer till date. However no civilians are allowed to visit these points due to unavoidable reasons.

After spending some more time on Snow view point,we moved to our next destination: the Naini Talk view. The name itself says that the lake is in shape of an eye. But from the height it is actually in shape of a mango. We could view the full city of Naini Tal; the small coloured houses ,shops and hotels,people boating under the sun in the lake and the busy Mall Road. We then moved to the final destination by the car. It is titled as the Khurpa Talk due to its shape of a cow’s paw.

I can possibly say, a visit to Naini Talk is another Nature’s Paradise. A visit to this place is one of the best option to take a pause from assiduous city life.


Snow View Point:-

Naini Tal Lake:-

Himalayan Ranges:-

Khurpa Tal:-

The Golden Handshake of Death.

Death is a great pride,it is the way God opens houses at dead of night when he is taking quiet turns with an angel. I hope your mind is well organised for it. But about the life before death?

Mark Twain Quoted,” The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who fully lives is prepared to die at anytime.”

You see,when you die you will be cut into little shinning stars. The heaven would be so fine. The world will be in love with the night. So, God planned the death for you too. He has given the the freedom to live your life on your command. Hug your life now,Kill the errors in there, you are a star


How to save your kingdom?!

Thinking about when did you build your kingdom? And also when did it get into trouble.? Don’t fret! Your life is the kingdom. Your enemies are anger, hatred, failure,tension. They have captured you. They conquered your happiness, personality and most importantly your idea to live life. You have to fight your enemies.

You get weapons to fight the war too, positivity,love and hardwork. And you know you have soldiers and a commander too…. It’s you have fight and plot itself. And yes you could get some minor help from your near ones….but don’t forget they have to save their kingdom too. You need not be despondent every time you loose. Think about living your life for yourself instead for others.. .it should be led by you and controlled by you. Also keep the bad in past, you’ll be alright in present


The deeds, I wish, I did

A person has expectations from him for himself. He wishes he could go to gym to fulfill his wish to get rid of fat guts. We have many wishes that we hope that an external force, called as genie power fulfill them. C’mon, atleast sometimes those wishes can get fulfilled, not by a genie though, but through your hardwork and determination.

But what about those wishes which you think you should do as a good deed. “How I wish I spent some more time before she died?” “I wish I read her paper while while she laid on bed like a stone who couldn’t move but get all feelings crush the stoned environment around her.” You may think good deeds have nothing,they may have no perspective. Try one they give you satisfaction.

I was always told by someone that,when you do a deed, God writes it in your life book. The more good deeds you do, the more satisfied you are.

You might be leading a miserable life, but just one deed can make a difference to you and the person whom you help. Even a bad person has a sleeping angel within, that can be woken up by you. But you must light the candle in his heart that it can clear the darkness in someone else’s life too.

So good deeds are those wishes, one must try and fulfill, atleast your soul will live happily.


I know, I could be forgiving

Mistakes leads to anger and anger leads to hate.,even if it’s not only to others but also to ourself. I believe anger should be ephemeral or totally not be. One must forgive oneself inorder to refrain from being hated or hating someone.

Forgiveness is not elusive, especially when someone apologies. Imagine what would happen if, Lord Ganesh didn’t forgive his father for beheading him,or,even Jesus didn’t forgive those who crucified him. You probably won’t be reading this now. You don’t want your heart to be sanked in deep thoughts of the person who has hurted you. You tend to avoid the love given to you by the people around you.

How would you become a forgiving person? Pretty simple, address your inner pain and develop a forgiving mind through emphathy.

Then you can finally call yourself “forgivingly fit”.


The constant quest of negativity.

Do you know that a man’s worst fears are found by him itself? It’s not that the fear is searching for him. One must replace their fears and worries with confidence and trust. Positivity is definitely the key. There is no use of being histrionic or nothing can be achieved by meaningless talks.

A person is already the winner,when he decides to fight his fear and worries. Imagine a person is scared of dark,he has no choice but to walk through the darkness,he is filled with all sorts of negative imagination,like what if he sees a ghost or what if he gets lost somewhere? He is the one thinking of fear and fear has found him. He could fight it with positivity and confidence. He doesn’t imagine that what if he sees God or what if he gets lost and someone finds him.

Remember,fear is not worth it as it literally corrodes your entire system. You are just gonna think bad. The more negative you think,the more you are bound to be lost. A worried person is so much burried with his/her problems that it becomes almost impossible to see anything beyond the worries.

One’s thinking are developed by themselves,whether they are good or bad, accordingly he is gonna work on his fear and worries. Who doesn’t want to dominate fear…but first think positive and grab the opportunity. One cannot dream oneself into a character,he/she must hammer and forge itself one.

–Diana Fernandes